Dande Cafe… what a great coffee alternative!

I am coming to the end of my 2 week Detox and found the most hardest part of the detox was cutting out caffeine. It wasn’t so much the caffeine hit that I missed rather my daily trip to the local cafe with friends and sitting down with a frothy, warm beverage… a herbal tea just didn’t do it for me!

When the barista asked why I no longer have my regularly 2 cappuccinos a day I told him about my detox, he said he would make me a caffeine free beverage that will satisfy my cravings and make me never want to go back to coffee. Intrigued?! So was I! So the barista whipped up this tempting cappuccino looking beverage and I have to say it was delicious, ticked all the boxes. It didn’t have the same taste as coffee but had the lovely rich roasted aroma you get with coffee, this full bodied beverage is slightly sweetened with fig powder and backed full of liver cleansing nutrients.

Dande Cafe is definitely a beverage I will add to my Super Food list!

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