Alkalising for weight loss

Green SmoothieAcidity in the body, Acidosis, is commonly overlooked as basis for weight gain, fatigue and many chronic symptoms.

The human body has an amazing array of pathways, which combine to form a buffering system, which can maintain the blood pH constant at 7.35 with minimal deviation. Unfortunately, this is not the case for other tissues in the body. The pH in the muscle and other tissues can deviate to extremes, one example being after exercise when lactic acid is produced.  Notice that the lactic acid lingers around for several days causing discomfort, not immediately as it is produced. Blood must be slightly alkaline at a constant because it is the medium which picks up and carries the acid from the tissues to the kidneys. If blood was able to reach equilibrium with body’s pH it would be unable to pick up the acids and carry them for elimination.

When the body is struggling to bring the pH to optimal equilibrium, it will resort to one or more pathways in order to compensate for the lag, starting with the least destructive (least dangerous way in terms of immediate health), but continue to involve more pathways which remove acid, that may be more hazardous to health in short term and long term.  I major pathway of self-defense against acidosis is use of alkalising minerals. Your body’s first line of defense is the use of alkalising nutrients, such as Calcium and Magnesium which are delivered though diet, obviously the least detrimental pathway to one’s health.  If one does not provide these minerals consistently through diet or supplements, the body will opt to use the minerals which are stored in the tissues such as; muscles, causing short term muscle twitching; or bone tissue, leading to bone deterioration (osteoporosis) over prolonged time. This is the stage that many people ignore and doctors tend to overlook, the little signs that your body chemistry may be out of sync. Immediately it is not hazardous to health, but over a long time it will cause permanent damage along with unwanted symptoms.

Another pathway to deal with excess acidity is to encapsulate it with fat, and store it. Fat is generally pH neutral and will happily bind with acids. This is yet another tactic the body uses when it is struggling to keep the pH in tissues alkaline. It is no wonder that it becomes a perpetual cycle when the body tries to produce and store more fat in order to temporarily remove excess acid caused by bad diet, and the person continuously gains in body fat percentage not only because they eat high fatty foods, but because they have acidosis. Alkalising though diet, including alkaline water consumption, can help optimize your body to burn fat as energy instead of perpetually storing it. Anyone looking to reduce body fat should start with implementing a healthy diet consisting mainly of dark green and colourful vegetables, which –surprise, happen to be very highly alkalising. Secondly, vegetable supplements in tablet or powder form can increase the alkalising effects. Those super green veggie smoothies are not as disgusting as you may think. Superfood powders such spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, and chlorella can be easily blended with your favourite natural juice, like pineapple juice, and ice. YUM! Tastes surprisingly good!  Making major changes to one’s diet can be challenging, but the small choices you make each day are the ones that will build and have a compounding effect on one’s health in the long run, positive or negative.  Drink ionized and highly mineral water. Mineral meaning there is a high amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium etc.  present (naturally or added), unlike some “mineral water” which don’t even state the existence of any minerals in them. Read the nutritional labels, be aware what you’re buying, and most importantly be conscious and aware what you are putting into your body.  Your respect for your body is equivalent to that of your respect for the food which you consume.

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