What is PRAL?

The USDA developed a formula (PRAL- Potential Renal Acid Load) with constants, based on the amount of acid neutralising minerals found in urine. This formula can calculate approximate acidifying effects of the foods you eat based on the amounts of Magnesium, Phosphorus, Protein, Calcium, Potassium and they possess. The most
accurate way of measuring acidity in body is though urine.

The formula is:

PRAL value=

0.49 * (g) protein +
0.037 * (mg) phosphorus -
0.021 * (mg) potassium  -
0.026 * (mg) magnesium  -
0.013 * (mg) calcium

Acid versus alkaline foodsYou can use this formula yourself to evaluate any processed or raw product- as long as you can provide the required nutritional values per 100g sample.  100g sample is used as a standard so that it is easier to compare various products.  USDA went ahead and calculated the values for thousands of foods we consume every day.

View a list of Pral values and food.

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