Alkalising Recipe of the Week – Alkalising Super Juice

This is the most delicious juice, the combination of the mint with the lime is simply amazing. To increase the alkalising potential of this drink you can also blend it with a nice big handful of spinach if you desire. This is optional, however you will be surprised to find that the spinach blends in nicely without affecting the taste. Try it with your breakfast or with your mid-morning snack – you won’t be disappointed!

Serves 1

1 Green apple

¼ Pineapple

½ Lime

A handful of mint

1 – 2 tsp barley or wheat grass (or any other alkalising green supplement)



Juice apple, pineapple and lime.

Pour juice into a blender and add a small handful of mint, 1 – 2 tsp of barley or wheat grass powder with a scoop of ice. (Optional to add your spinach in here as well).

Blend until smooth.


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Sugar Free

Wheat Free




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