The 5 Steps to Wellness

The 5 steps to wellness are designed to get you looking and feeling your best. By using these 5 steps you could feel energetic, happy and healthy and be the best you, you can be.

Each step on the road to wellness covers an important element the body requires in order to be ‘well’. The 5 steps to wellness are much like ‘nutritional insurance’ for your body, they include:

1. Alkalise your body

2. Boost your Antioxidants

3. Cleanse & Detoxify your life

4. Digest

5. Build your Immunity



First we need to change the way we look at health

As you get older you are told that you have to accept many illnesses. The reality is that we have never confidently thought of being healthy all the time as completely ‘normal’. This is the medical model of health that we have been brought up to believe in. For example – you have arthritis with symptoms of pain, this pain is what we seek to get rid of rather than addressing the cause and treating the cause. Often we may think that by getting rid of the symptoms is getting well, however we have not yet considered to treat the cause which can help to prevent further complications in the long run.

Often a person with arthritis may be suffering from other dysfunction that contributed to the problem, such as has poor digestion, bad elimination or inadequate dietary intake. So ‘fixing’ the symptoms (i.e. pain) of arthritis does little to improve other underlying causes of the overall problem hence the disease prevails.

Two times Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, once said, give the body the needed chemicals and the cells will ‘straighten out’ their function. For example- when you cut your finger, the body knows how to heal it. This is also the case for the whole body too, it knows how to get well it just needs the tools to do it.

Research in the field of health and nutrition is rapidly expanding, however in its enthusiasm sometimes the nature approach took over a focus from the medical model. This is the search for a single nutrient to fix a problem, such as the use of glucosamine for arthritis.

The reality is that in nature, chemicals occur in complexes, so by isolating individual nutrients to “fix” your arthritis may still not be the best answer. Typically more than one nutrient is involved in a particular function and therefore work synergistically with a complex of other nutrients.

It seems that this approach didn’t allow new thinking, which would have enabled researchers to see bodily function differently. No matter whether you have arthritis or acne, the underlying cause is the function of each body cell.

Each cell, if brought back into better function, may cause whole body function to improve, and hence the arthritis to disappear.

‘Fixing’ the cell function seems a forerunner to ‘fixing’ the more specific body issues, and indeed central to one’s success in gaining better health.

The steps

Alkalising forms the foundations of wellness. When the body is in an acidic state optimal cell function and ultimate health cannot be achieved. Due to the typical Western diet of overly processed foods, fast food, soft drinks, dairy, refined grains and copious amounts of meat many of us consume ‘acid forming’ foods rather than the ideal ‘alkaline forming’ foods.

Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals, as they help to neutralise these damaging particles. Free radicals are continuously being produced in the body and come from a variety of different sources including pollution, chemicals, alcohol, medications, strenuous exercise and even through the digestion of food. If free radicals are allowed to run rampant in the body they can cause cellular damage paving the way to premature aging and illness later in life.

Cleansing & Detoxification is important for the removal of waste products and elimination. A combination of poor nutrition, stress and a lack of exercise can cause the bowels to become sluggish and blocked which leads to accumulation of toxins in the body. This toxic bowel environment can become a breeding ground for yeasts such as candida which can result in symptoms such as fatigue. Stimulating the natural elimination channels enhances the removal of waste material and ultimately restores wellness and vitality.

Efficient digestive function is the secret to a happy body. The body’s digestive system cannot function at its optimum if it is exposed to poor food choices and excessive stress. Without efficient digestion we cannot properly obtain the vital nutrients from our food which can result in digestive discomfort and lack of energy. By providing ideal foods and nutrients the digestive system is able to break down the ingested foods and assimilate the nutrients from those foods in an efficient manner.

Immunity is the last step for ultimate health and wellness. Building a strong immune system is like owning a personal army that helps to fight off illness. By supporting your inner defences your body can provide the protection you need when faced with harmful substances, keeping you happy and healthy to live your life.

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