The best way to kick start your alkalising diet – Try an Alkalising Challenge!

If you are feeling stressed, overweight and stuffed the best kick start you can give yourself is to adopt an alkaline diet and lifestyle.

By now, you may have heard a bit about the alkaline diet and lifestyle but the major challenge that remains is how to integrate it effectively into your own lifestyle. That is why participating in a ‘Challenge’ may help.

We are seeing many ‘challenges’ popping up everywhere, from 12 week challenges at the gym, to 2 week challenges for eating fibre or whole grains and many more! The best thing about adopting a ‘Challenge’ is that you often are supported through the process and given useful tips in order to successfully complete it.

So why not be on the lookout for an Alkalising Challenge? It can be a life changing experience for you if want to alkalise and improve your long term wellness, but never knew how to go about it.


What to look out for in an alkalising challenge:

  • Information on acid and alkaline foods
  • Meal plans
  • Recipes
  • Shopping lists or meal tips
  • Motivation
  • Support

If you can find an alkalising challenge that includes all of these things then you know you are onto a winner.


How long should you take undertake an alkalising challenge

As we all know, if you follow an alkaline diet, it becomes a lifestyle rather than a ‘diet’ that you follow for a short period of time. However, by undertaking an alkalising challenge, this can be viewed as the ideal kick start to your alkaline lifestyle.

If you are completely new to alkalising, it may be more suitable to ease your way in and begin with a 30 day alkalising challenge. A 30 day challenge is the best way to motivate yourself and make a real difference in your life. You will feel like a new person after the 30 days and won’t want to stop. This way you can easily progress and maintain your alkaline diet and lifestyle.

If you are more serious about alkalising and want to give your body the very best chance to alkalise then an 8 week alkalising challenge is ideal. If you have been living a fairly acidic life for some time it will take the body a little while to adjust and balance its pH. That is why an 8 week challenge becomes more suitable. Again, you will find that your body feels great after the 8 weeks and you will want to continue on your alkalising journey.

So spring into Spring and feel fresh with a new outlook on life and begin your alkalising journey today.




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