Gluten Free Raw Beet Ravioli

ravioliCompletely raw and plant based
Serves 4

3 – 4 medium candy-striped beets (or any color of your choice golden or red)
Seasalt, lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Freshly-ground black pepper to taste

Chop the ends and tops off the beets and thinly slice using a mandolin slicer or a sharp knife. Marinate in extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and lemon and gently massage. While that is marinating prepare macadamia filling.
Raw Macadamias “Cheese”
1 cup macadamias (soaked overnight)

¼ cup soaked pine nuts

1/8 tsp sea salt (or more to taste) and pepper

1 tbs nutritional yeast

2-3 tbs extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon fresh chives, chopped

Soak macadamias and pine nuts in water for at least 1 hour, then drain. Add macadamias and pine nuts to a food processor with salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, extra virgin olive oil. Blend until it reaches a consistency similar to ricotta. Add the chives at the last second and pulse until incorporated.


Lay one beetroot slice flat, top with a little nut “cheese” and lay another beet slice on top and press around egdes.

Roasted Capsicum Pasta Sauce

¾ cup roasted red capsicum

1 chopped tomato

Extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves fresh garlic


Fresh basil (chopped)


Add ingredients to blender and blend well.

Pour sauce over pasta and garnish with fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and pepper.

Optional: can blend basil and extra virgin olive oil and add on top as a basil oil.


Gluten Free Mothers Day Idea

French Omelette

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutesomelette

Ingredients (for one omelette):

  • 3 eggs
  • garnishes – herbs, garlic, sauteed onions or mushrooms, a little cheese, whatever you want
  • olive oil or butter for cooking
  • salt and pepper


1. Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat them up a bit with a fork and stir in the garnishes (except for cheese).

2. Heat a pan on med-high to high heat, and add in a little olive oil or butter (if butter, let it melt) and spread it around to coat the pan.

3. Add the eggs, whisking them (or stirring vigorously with a heat-proof spatula if using a non-stick) for a few seconds, so that as the “curd” forms the liquid on top will move to the bottom to cook. Add salt/pepper now (Ramsay says in the video above adding salt too early causes the eggs to gray, so I add the salt now) and grated cheese if desired.

4. Let it set for a bit, and then loosen it from the pan and start to fold it over, and roll it from the pan onto your plate. All in all it probably takes more time to heat up the pan that it does to actually cook the omelette.



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