Beautifying antioxidants

Antioxidants attacking free radicalsAntioxidants are often praised for their beautifying health effects, but how exactly do they perform this ‘beautiful miracle’? As we age, oxidative stress in our cells results in our skin becoming wrinkled and pigmented. Sunlight contributes to this oxidative stress by increasing reactive oxygen species.

Antioxidants assist by enhancing our resistance to oxidative stress by neutralizing reactive oxygen species. Below is a list of powerful antioxidants for maintaining beautiful skin…


Vitamin C

In the skin, vitamin C is a cofactor required for enzymatic activity and also contributes to the formation of the skin barrier and collagen synthesis1.

Suggested food source – oranges

Vitamin E

Vitamin E inhibits several oxidative stress markers in the body and suppresses the occurrence of pigmentation in the skin1.

Suggested food source – avocado


Carotenoids are antioxidant pigments found in plants that reduce oxidation and protect against UV-induced damage1.

Suggested food source – carrots


Low lycopene concentration in the skin has been shown to correlate with the degree of skin roughness, an early stage of wrinkle development1.

Suggested food source – tomatoes


Resveratrol enhances cell survival and reduces reactive oxygen species in the skin. Additionally, resveratrol prevents UV-induced skin aging and pigmentation1.

Suggested food source – red grapes

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You can find high amounts of antioxidants in all brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. A natural, effective remedy to prevent against oxidative stress, ensure smooth, radiant skin and maintain lifelong, vibrant beauty!



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