Muesli- Your Simple Breakfast Solution


Did you know the word ‘Muesli’ originates from the German word ‘Müsli’ and was introduced as early as the 1900s? This delicious, healthy-licious meal was first created by a Swiss physician, Maximilian Bircher- Benner to provide a diet rich in fresh fruits, grains, nuts and seeds for patients in his hospital. Because of the vast nutrients present in a single serve of muesli, the wholesome breakfast combination started to gain greater influence in the western society, and is now a popular breakfast choice from children and adults of all ages. As most mueslis’ are consumed for breakfast, it is important to therefore choose ones containing nutritious ingredients that can support our body’s health and vitality, keeping us alert and energized throughout the day.


grainsGrains play a large role in our mueslis as they provide the main bulk of the product and also provides important source of minerals, vitamins and fibre necessary for us. There are a wide range of whole grains and processed grains available on the market, but the more processed the grains, the less nutritionally dense it would be. This is because processed grains generally have their bran and germ stripped, as they are the most difficult to digest, but carries a higher nutrient level compared to the endosperm- the middle component of the grain high in carbohydrate and protein. To ensure you select nutrient-dense grains, you should choose whole grains such as rolled oats, rice bran straws as opposed to highly processed ones such as puffed rice or rice flakes. Occasionally, you can enjoy your grains lightly toasted with honey, as this brings out their beautiful brown colour and aroma and makes the breakfast experience all the more exciting.


When Doctor Maximilian created his muesli, it was filled with fresh fruits, power-packed nuts and seeds aimed at improving health and wellness in his patients. We need to follow in his footsteps, by selecting mueslis that are bursting with nutrition. Dried fruits, seeds and nuts are a popular addition to mueslis as they give your body essential healthy fatty acids and natural sugars you will need to jump start the day and remain energized for the morning. Instead of adding individual ingredients together, why not choose a muesli that encompasses everything!


mixed berriesInstead of having ordinary, boring raisins and dried apricots for breakfast, why not swap to superfoods? I love having functional foods like goji berries, blueberries and cranberries in my meals as they are bursting with vitamins and minerals and only required in small amounts too. These beautiful berries are a rich source of antioxidants as well as vitamin C that protects my body from harmful free radicals and also taste amazing. With the addition of crunchy macadamia, sunflower seeds, linseeds and pepitas, my body is definitely positioned for goodness. These seeds carry a natural source of fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 that positively benefits the heart and also a great source of energy. This simple breakfast solution will keep your body glowing, ready to take on a new day, every day!



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