The Importance of Childhood Nutrition

Healthy food is the foundation of good health and development. By being knowledgeable and making wholesome food choices we can not only help our children grow strong, but also lay the foundation for healthy choices for the rest of their lives.
This months blog will be dedicated to children’s nutrition, to start it off today we will take a look at fussy eaters and what we are able to do to help.
Fussy eating
Children can go through stages, eating lots to eating nothing, likes a food this week hates it the next. But what can you do? It is easier when they are young as you still have control of what they eat, but what about when they are in school and outside influence starts.
It helps to start early, offering your toddler a variety of foods and showing them you eat and enjoy a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. What you eat is the biggest influence on what your kids will like to eat. If you rarely consume vegetables or eat fruit, don’t be surprised if your kids develop the same tastes.
Monkey see monkey do!
When children begin to be influenced by outsiders and you lose that control; the best you can do is educate them on good nutrition, supply healthy food at home and hope that the early education you instilled is sufficient to influence them to make healthy choices.
This concludes part 1 of our children’s nutrition month. Next week we will discuss some ideas for keeping your child full with healthy nutritious food.
Keep a look out for our child friendly recipes…

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