Wheat Grass and Barley Grass

imagesBarley grass and wheatgrass are natural foods that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a wholesome source of nutrition. These products are generally available in the form of freshly squeezed juice, supplement tablets or wholefood powders that you add daily to your juice of smoothie.


Barley grass and wheat grass are harvested as young shoots of the plant, generally within 1-2 months of germination which is when the plant contains maximum nutritional potency. At this stage of harvesting, the plants are extremely rich in chlorophyll, minerals and nutrients that are extremely beneficial to our body. Chlorophyll is the pigment in plants required in the photosynthesis process, that’s also what gives the bright green colour in plants. It is highly alkalising and contains antioxidants that protect our cells from damaging free radicals shown to cause diseases and sickness.


There are minimal differences between barley grass and wheatgrass, generally boiling down to your personal taste preference. Some sources have stated that barley grass may be higher in fibre, hence more beneficial in improving intestinal health, whilst wheatgrass has a slightly higher chlorophyll content. But whichever you choose, you are definitely directing your body to a happy, healthier start.


Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of Morlife’s Alkalising Wheatgrass and/ or Barley grass greens powder and blend with fresh pineapple, orange, celery and ginger to make a delightful, tropical punch this summer!




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